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Invest in value, not just price
The future will thank you

Quality construction, from an experienced team gives a return beyond yield.
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High growth areas in a magnet city

Your investment is in your future. Choose wisely and the property will look after you for many, many years. One phone call and can be talking to an expert from our team. They know new build homes, they know Christchurch and they care about helping you make a smart investment that will mature along with our evolving city.
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Eminence Drive, Northwood

Designed for living, built with passion

Owning a well designed, lovingly constructed new build property can shape your future for the better. Here at Rosefern we are determined to redefine density living by combining British spatial design with Kiwi innovation to create a timeless classic style that will hold its visual appeal and only grow better with age. You can book a coffee catch up at one of our showhomes today to see the quality for yourself - and the coffee is on us!
22 Wychbury Street, Spreydon
28 Lindsay Street, St Albans


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20 Seymour Street, Hornby

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

We make sure to meticulously extrapolate the value from the experts involved in our planning and construction process. Each link amplifies the next to ensure that you receive a home or an investment that is crafted with care, not only with the product but with care in your experience as a buyer. Our Goal is to help you reach your goal in the future, through the vehicle of quality residential new build ownership and by delivering on our promises, we hope it will be a long standing relationship.
28 Lindsay Street, St Albans

Handshakes, hugs, and handovers

Building new homes is a journey, for us and our clients. It's the conception of a relationship, from the first time we meet through to handover and beyond. And like any successful relationship, the key is communication and transparency. That's why you'll hear from us on a regular basis, keeping you informed every step of the way. You'll get updates, good or bad, as we only work on a transparent basis. We do the very best we can to keep projects on track but truthful openness beats false positivity.
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60 Condell Avenue, Papanui

Handover doesn't mean it's over

It’ We hope it will be the first of many doors we open for you! You're now the owner of a quality new build home in Christchurch, just imagine the feeling... This is a foundational move for your future. Whether you're a homeowner or an investor - it's a smart move owning a quality new build home in a high growth area, in an undervalued city.

The opportunity is right now, with the right team and the right property.
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